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Ping Pong Poms
A fictional look at emigrating to Australia, written by an English author who did just that! Ping Pong Poms focuses on different couples as they leave their relatives and friends and head for the land of sunshine, cuddly koalas and kangaroos. Their expections are high – after all they are going to a land where English is spoken, where they drive on the left and where there is a large community of Brits.

For some, Life in Oz is perfection. The beaches, the barbies, the relaxed way of life. But others find the difference in their new lifestyle far too much...

Who will survive and who will become a Ping Pong Pom, as the Aussies love to call the people who give up and decide to go back home?


A Deceitful Man
Ada Moscrop, a thirty something Ward Sister from Cumbria, nursed a secret dream. It is 1922 and most of the eligible men who could have been a suitor, have either died in the recent war or succumbed to the influenza epidemic if they did make it home. Her dream of becoming a wife and mother had long disappeared.
Then along came handsome and dashing Daniel McAuley, from Westmeath in Ireland. A patient on the Men's Surgical Ward at Blackburn Infirmary and just the man that Ada has been waiting for, although she's unaware he has a hidden past.

After leaving Ireland because of the constraints of a marriage that was forced upon him and the fear of reprisals after having been a member of a dissident group. Daniel starts working at a Blackburn brewery and fills the gap in Ada's loveless life.

But will his hidden past catch up with him to break poor Ada's heart, or like all strong women will she manage to survive it?


Beggarman's Cottage
“The ghostly figure of Nora MacDermott, who looked like a fine summer mist to an observer’s eye, watched from amongst the trees. This had been her home, still was her home, as her spirit would dwell in the four walls of this cottage for eternity.”
Nora was a poor Irish girl in the 19th century who was destined to live as the dutiful wife to a domineering husband. Unable to speak much English and without her own money, she remained unhappily in Beggarman’s Cottage, so-called by later generations as it becomes a place of shelter for the homeless.

In the spring of 1967, Alison takes refuge in the cottage from her similarly abusive husband, who spends his money on alcohol and refuses to allow his wife to work. Nora watches on, bound to the dilapidated cottage, as Alison begins to take steps to free herself and her young son Connor from her husband Graham’s control.

Vivienne Dockerty vividly recreates the landscape of her own childhood on the Wirral and crafts a spooky tale that will satisfy fans of ghost stories and historical fiction alike.

A Woman Undefeated
Life is hard for Maggie, an Irish emigrant who must make a new life for herself when the famine forces her to leave her country. Bound into a loveless marriage, and viewed with suspicion by people who do not want the immigrants to take their jobs, Maggie must play the dutiful wife and daughter-in-law until fate can play its part.

Vivienne Dockerty has written a gripping historical novel, about Irish Emigration and the determination of one woman to build a better life, made all the more fascinating by the historical fact that encompasses the story being told.

Dreams can Come TrueOUT OF PRINT!
Twenty years have passed since Maggie settled with Jack in A Woman Undefeated. Now Jack wishes to return to Ireland for a nostalgic visit. Maggie is reluctant to make the trip, not wishing to invoke painful memories and concerned about leaving her now thriving business. However, putting her concerns aside she travels to Ireland with Jack. Once there they find themselves embroiled in dramatic events in the still-troubled land. Caught up in the troubles as British Soldiers search for Irish dissidents, Maggie and Jack learn that travelling in the Irish countryside is fraught with danger...

In Dreams Can Come True Vivienne Dockerty continues the enticing tale of Maggie.

A Distant Dream
The year is 1847 during the Irish Potato Famine. Three year old Molly Mayo goes missing whilst her family are away at her mother's funeral. Maggie, her sister, has gone to England to start a new life there and believes that her sibling is being cared for by a relative, but the Filbeys, a childless couple who live in the area, have other plans. A new world beckons, a place of golden opportunity for a hardworking couple and the little girl will thrive in this distant land. The book, part of a trilogy beginning with A Woman Undefeated (Maggie's story) traces the generations throughout the years, until 1957 when young Patrick Mayo, made an orphan in the war years and sent to Australia as part of the re-population scheme, completes the family circle by returning to his Irish homeland. This saga is one of dreams, tragedy and unrequited love, along with the highs and lows of settlers' fortunes on the other side of the world. It highlights their endurance and fortitude in an otherwise hostile land.

The continuation of this Dockerty saga, along with Dreams Can Come True, is a thought provoking read that delves into the historical happenings in Ireland in the middle of the 19th century.

Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams is the continuing saga of the Dockerty family. Based on a manuscript left by Vivienne’s mother, the story tells of a young couple’s dreams for their future together, only to have them shattered because of the 1930s Depression and conscription into the Second World War. Most of the story is written from the experiences of an ordinary soldier in his endeavours to keep alive whilst battles raged all around him and many of his comrades were killed. Eddie was a stricken man who returned to Civvy Street to a land that was most certainly not fit for heroes. The country faced rationing, mass unemployment and a huge amount of money owed to the USA and, at the expense of the country’s younger generation, many hadn’t survived to make Britain great again.

Shattered Dreams
will appeal to fans of Vivienne Dockerty’s work and those that enjoy World War 2 and biographical fiction. Vivienne is inspired by Katie Flynn and Maureen Lee and her writing style emulates the work of Dilly Court. the 19th century.

Innocence Lost
Growing up in the Dockerty household in the austere years after World War Two, with a father who reigned supreme as head of the household and a mother who was duty bound, didn't bode well for a middle child that was defiant and rebellious. This is based on the story of Vivienne Dockerty's life; most of the character names have been changed but the places remain the same. Her childhood moulded her into the teenager she became, looking for love in the wrong places, facing challenges through situations brought upon her and the choices she made that affected her adult life. Innocence Lost is based on her personal experiences and follows the theme of her other works, which focus on how women can overcome all the things that life can throw at them.

Vivienne is inspired by her favourite authors Katie Flynn and Maureen Lee. Her writing has been compared to that of Dilly Court. Covering her childhood after the Second World War, Innocence Lost will appeal to fans of memoirs.

Her Heart's Desire
Her Heart's Desire is another Dockerty saga based on Vivienne's family tree, set in Victorian Merseyside in 1893. Eighteen year old Lily is spoilt and petted by her father. She spurns the love of Charlie, a twenty-one year old shipyard worker. A courtship from a boy with his lowly background would never do. Lily has her heart set on marrying her cousin Lawrence Patterson, a sea captain with whom Lily has fallen in love. But Lawrence marries Bertha, Lily's older sister, and Lily, unable to have her heart's desire, marries Army officer Roland instead. Charlie, who is left bereft when his beloved marries another, finds himself burdened with Mary, a wife who can be cruel and manipulative, causing him to up sticks and make a new life for himself elsewhere. By 1903 both have been widowed. Roland has been killed in the Boer War and Mary died in childbirth. Will fate bring Lily and Charlie back together? Only time will tell...

Her Heart's Desire
will appeal to fans of Vivienne Dockerty's work and those that enjoy historical romance fiction. Vivienne is inspired by Katie Flynn and Maureen Lee and her writing style emulates the work of Dilly Court.

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