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Historical fiction that tug on the heartstrings is the specialism of Liverpool-Irish author Vivienne Dockerty ... She's got it down to a fine art. Epic and far-reaching tales.
Irish World

I had the pleasure of meeting you at Daisy Nook Craft Fair some weeks ago. Purchased the first four of your books. I was a little unsure prior to my purchase being hooked on the likes of C J Sansom, S J Parris, Rory Clements and recently The first 5 of Jeffrey Archers The Clifton Chronicles. But I have to say I have enjoyed all four books, very easy to read, you don't want to put them down and I didn't even skip the bits involved with Ladies fashions.
Marshall Hulme

Love Vivienne Dockerty's books, they are sad, funny, but gripping. I love to curl up with a brew and one of her books and I am part of the story. Just finished Shattered Dreams ( Eddie & Irene), next one Innocenec Lost (Vivienne's life.) I have had the great pleasure of meeting this truly lovely lady, not forgetting her lovely hubby, who tells me he is good at baking pasties. Yet to try one! I believe there is a new one out next year, hope so. I will have all her collection. 10/10 Vivienne, keep up the good work.
Lynn Etchells

I am not going to spoil this book, Innocence Lost, so you must read it for yourself. I started and after two pages, could not put the book down. You felt you were there. Vivienne's life story. I thought she was very courageous for sharing and it was a great story, with a tear. I loved it. Thank you.
Celia Rhodes

I've now read 3 of your books (A Woman Undefeated, Dreams Can Come True and Shattered Dreams) and they are all fantastic - very well written and gripping from beginning to end. I have just purchased Her Heart's Desire on iBooks and can't wait to get started.

If anyone hasn't read any of your books then they should start NOW by purchasing an eBook, going to your website or visiting you at a craft fair!
Liz Donlan



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